MUVR is a service that links people needing to ship an item with independent drivers who are willing to pick-up and deliver that item. Both the customers and drivers utilize the same MUVR APP for all shipping related activities.

Customers create orders (also known as a listing) specifying item information such as the approximate size and weight of the item, where it is to be picked up from, where it is to be delivered to, and a picture of the item. MUVR will calculate a suggested cost which can be accepted or overridden with a different amount. Once posted, drivers will see the items on a map or be notified of their availability via a push notification. If a driver decides they can pick-up and deliver that order, they can ask to be hired by the customer. If the customer agrees to hire the driver, they enter their credit/debit card information into a secure payment screen. The driver is then notified that they were hired and to begin the pick-up and delivery process. When the driver delivers the item, a photo is taken to verify that the delivery was made. The customer is then notified of the delivery via push notification. Twelve hours after delivery the previously authorized amount is captured from the customer’s credit/debit card. The driver then receives an amount equal to the original cost minus fees into their Square account which is immediately available to them.

Although you do not have to package an item as you would for delivery via a more traditional service such as USPS, FedEx, etc., it is recommended that you package items securely to prevent possible damage. Part of the process for creating a listing includes the taking of a photo of the item whether that is a standard size box, or a bicycle. This allows a potential driver to view the item and decide whether it is something that they wish to pick-up and deliver. Odd shaped items that won’t easily fit into a box are fine, but keep in mind that you may be excluding some potential drivers.

When the customer decides which driver they wish to hire, a button will appear which says [Hire Me]. When clicked, the customer will be prompted for their credit/debit card information. At this point, the order amount is authorized and placed into a hold status. If there are insufficient funds in the account, or if the customer is beyond their credit limit, the transaction is denied and the driver is not hired. The MUVR order remains in an available state allowing the customer to use a different account or cancel the order. If the transaction is successful, the driver is notified that they’ve been hired and must acknowledge the customer’s request. If the driver confirms the hiring, this is then considered to be a contract between the customer and the driver. If the driver decides to not accept the request, the funds authorization is canceled and the order returns to being available for a different driver.

Multiple drivers can express interest in the same order by clicking on the listing, but a customer can hire only a single driver for each order. Drivers who have expressed an interest in the order but were not hired will receive a notification that a different driver was hired.

New MUVR users start off with no rating. As orders are delivered, both the customer and driver have an opportunity to rate the performance of the other on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (exceptional). If a customer’s rating falls below a 4.5, then they will no longer be allowed to create new MUVR orders. If a driver’s rating falls below a 4.5, they will no longer be allowed to accept new MUVR orders. A user can request that their overall rating be reviewed and adjusted by authorized MUVR personnel by filing a Help Desk request.

Users of MUVR can be either a customer, a driver, or both. A customer is the user that creates an order for pick-up and delivery. The customer can either be the person that ships the item, or the person receiving the item. All MUVR users are automatically setup as customers following the registration process. MUVR drivers are the people that pick-up and deliver orders entered by MUVR customers. People who desire to become MUVR drivers must also participate in the on-boarding process with Square Inc. to become a merchant. This process establishes the Square account where the proceeds of a successful delivery will settle. Only users that have successfully completed the Square Merchant on-boarding process will become MUVR drivers.

Following the initial registration with MUVR to become a customer, if the person selects that they would also like to become a MUVR driver, the initial Square Merchant account will be automatically created. The user will then be sent an email to their specified email address with instructions on how to complete the process of becoming a merchant through the Square website dashboard. This process generally only takes a few minutes to complete. Once the Square Merchant setup process is finalized, you will automatically be established as a MUVR driver and can start browsing for available orders or define a planned route.

Following the delivery of an order, there is a twelve hour hold period before the driver’s payment settles into their Square merchant account.

Following the successful delivery of an order, an amount equal to the original authorized value minus fees will settle into the Driver’s Square account. The fees that are subtracted from that original amount are as follows:

  • Square processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30
  • MUVR processing fee of 20%

As an example, if the original cost accepted by the customer was $20, then the customer would have the entire $20 authorized and transferred from their account upon confirmation of the delivery. The driver would receive $20 – $0.88 – $4.00 or $15.12. In this example, the Square fee is $0.88 and the MUVR fee is $4.00. The driver would receive $15.12. All fees are calculated based on the total amount authorized. The fee amounts shown may be altered upon prior notification from MUVR.

Yes. The terms are used interchangeably depending on the situation.
For drivers, MUVR operates in two modes; browsing or a planned route. The simplest is browsing where a map view is displayed centered on the driver’s current location. All available orders within 30 miles are shown. If the driver has specified a planned route, then only orders available along that route are shown. When defining the route, the driver has the ability to specify start/stop dates, vehicle type, and acceptable deviation distance. This distance specifies how far off their selected route a listing may be and still considered to be available for that driver. While the driver is in-route, newly entered listings will become available to that driver if they are along the portion of the route not yet traveled. In other words, new orders “behind” the driver will not be shown.
The driver has the ability to set filters on which orders they want to see. For example, a driver may not want to accept orders for large, heavy, or fragile items. MUVR also has the ability to determine if an item will “fit” into the vehicle type chosen by the driver, based on the item size as entered by the customer. If a listing item is determined to not “fit”, then it will not be shown.

When an available order is shown on a map view, simply clicking on the order pin will open a screen with detailed order information. If multiple orders are in the same general area, a single pin is displayed containing all of the available listings in that area. All available listings are also shown in a scrollable list at the bottom of the screen. The map can be zoomed in or out to select the size of the desired area to observe. By clicking on a particular order, the driver will have the opportunity to express interest in making that delivery for the customer, thus starting the hiring process.

There are no limits to the number of orders a driver may pick-up and deliver per day. Multiple orders may be picked up before any are delivered. As orders are picked up, the available space within the vehicle is reduced by the size of the item. As that item is delivered, that amount of space is reclaimed. MUVR keeps track of these additions and subtractions to the available space based on the item’s dimensions and the capacity of the vehicle chosen by the driver. If a listing is for an item that would not “fit” into the driver’s vehicle for any reason, that listing is not shown to the driver.
MUVR has the ability to determine if any given order should be made available to any given driver based on multiple variables. Some of these variables include the acceptable item filters set by the driver, the vehicle type chosen by the driver, the vehicle’s available capacity, the dimensions of a listing’s item, and the pick-up and delivery locations. An item is considered to be “auto aligned” if all variables are acceptable for that driver. The auto alignment of an item to a driver is especially important for drivers on a planned route as the driver will receive a notification of auto-aligned orders that have not yet been assigned to another driver.

Initially, MUVR will only take the total capacity of the vehicle type into account for the auto-aligning mechanism. As more vehicle types are introduced, the layout for each will be defined along with capacity for each “space” (ex. the front passenger seat, or the trunk). A driver may then tell MUVR whether a given space is available or occupied when defining their route, and MUVR will determine if the item in a listing will “fit”, and if so in what space it should be placed. As an item is delivered, that space will once again become available for a new item. In this way, MUVR will have an ever-updating view of what space is available for additional items, and will only notify the driver when a particular listing “auto-aligns” with them.

MUVR is available on most newer Android and iOS devices. Please review the restrictions listed at the Google Play Store for Android, or the Apple App store for iOS.

MUVR is currently only available within the United States of America.

The MUVR App is currently available for all users in the U.S.

In order to raise awareness of the MUVR service, different geographic regions of the country will be targeted with increased marketing during 2022. As more and more people become familiar with what the MUVR App has to offer, more customers and drivers will begin to use the app in those regions. When a sufficient number of drivers become available within your area, it will be more likely that there will be someone able to serve each customer within the desired period of time.

Anyone in the U.S. can download and install the MUVR App on approved mobile devices. If you are in a location that has not yet been through an official rollout event, there may be a limited number of active customers or drivers in that area. Please feel free to spread the benefits of MUVR to your friends and neighbors and start using our service. Many more customers and drivers will become available following an official roll out in your area, making MUVR even more useful for you.

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