Your packages delivered by everyday drivers.

MUVR connects people who need a package delivered
with everyday drivers who are already going in that direction.

What Is MUVR ?

MUVR is the next evolution of the gig-driver industry.  But instead of transporting people, it is helping people get their items from point A to point B quickly and efficiently, with same-day-service up to 350 miles.

Independent MUVR drivers help get items to where they need to be; making the most of their time and saving customers significant time and money on shipping costs, all while continuing with their everyday lives and routes/commutes.

For Shippers

Shipping with MUVR is faster, less expensive and more eco-friendly than traditional carriers. Simply post your package and its destination and we’ll connect you with a driver who is already heading in that direction.  It’s that simple!

For Drivers

Driving with MUVR is the best side-hustle around…Make extra money while doing what you are already doing!

Simply post your driving route and MUVR automatically notifies you of any deliveries that need to go in that direction. Offer to deliver, and you will earn some extra cash while you’re “on your way.”  

If preferred, you can simply use the search tool to find as many deliveries as you would like. Whether you’re staying local or taking a road-trip, MUVR makes it easy to earn some extra dough while traveling, and to top it off, get paid overnight!

How It Works

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About Us

MUVR was founded on a simple principle: Help people help each other. 
People have shown time again that they will help each other out when given the opportunity. MUVR‘s focus is in providing that opportunity to help.

Facilitating the simple act of moving a package for someone and doing it quickly and efficiently, charging a reasonable amount is MUVR‘s way of showing how we can all participate in the act of helping one-another.

To help someone…truly the most noble cause of all!

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